Bride and Groom

These life size sculptures are made from recycled stainless steel conveyor belt, sparkplugs, and perforated stainless steel from inside a macadamia drying silo. The areas of skin on each sculpture are represented by stainless steel gauze. The final photo was taken while the cement footings were still setting, hence the timber supports. It was certainly a challenge creating this commission.








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Steelife has moved

G’day all. Well we have sold our property at Tintenbar and moved into beautiful Lennox Head. I have temporarily relocated my workshop to Teven. After a month of upheaval the new workshop is up and running. During the move I took the opportunity to cull several tonnes of  excess metal that was a bit too rusty to work with. Its amazing what you can accumulate over the years that you don’t use. The ute had a good workout moving it all to the local scrappie. My old Triton ute, also seen in the background of one of the Bride and Groom photos, unfortunately met an untimely end when it was written off after rolling into a tree on 21/06/15.



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While I have built several free standing Squid, this is the first wall hanging I have completed. It is built from bearings; washers; wheat harvester separator sieve; wheat sowing points and two ball bearings. SOLD


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Moon Buggy

I built this piece after watching a program about the Mars Rover on the Discovery channel. The body is made from the base of an auto transmission from a Holden Commodore. The solar power array is a kitchen colander; the front mounted drill is part of a car speedometer; the headlights are old garden lights; the center mounted camera is made from auto transmission stators and solenoids; the pickup attachment was found at a concrete pour – its a spare mesh tie-down. The new owner asked for a larger colander, which I fitted, and is using it as a fruit bowl. I unfortunately don’t have many photos of the finished piece. SOLD


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7 Mile

This portable fire bucket was a commission for a local family that loves camping. Its robust, very stable, easy to clean, and can be taken apart to store or transport when not in use. SOLD




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STX500 Steiger Mailbox

The Case IH STX Steiger series is a powerhouse for the modern broadacre farmer. After owning and operating a smaller version of this Steiger, it was a pleasure to be asked to create an STX500 (as in 500 horsepower) to be used as a mailbox. The mailbox was built to scale from recycled steel plate; car and tractor parts; lots of brake pads; and conrods from a Mack truck. It is  1.7 m long, 1.5 m wide and 1.1 m high. There are lots of moving parts with all wheels turning; swinging drawbar; it articulates; and the grill opens so the mail can be left in the engine compartment. SOLD

The following photos create a bit of a timeline for building this mailbox.










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Food Chain

This sculpture is my interpretation of  nature’s food chain where every living thing is always at risk of being devoured by something larger. This sculpture was my main entry in the 2014 Byron Arts Classic. The teeth in the three outer jaws are knife sections from John Deere, Gleaner and  Case IH wheat harvesters. The inner teeth are knife sections from a very very old mower conditioner. The background is recycled from a macadamia drying silo. The base is recycled from a Wollongbar TAFE welding course. It was rescued from their skip bin. The early photos show the sculpture from left to right. For some reason I didn’t like it so I flipped it and changed the fish and now it runs from right to left. For some reason I now like it and have now mounted it on the side of our home. IT MIGHT BE FOR SALE


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After multiple requests, I finally found the right materials to build several of  these little sculptures. They are built from tow balls and parts from auto transmissions. They have proven to be very popular. SOLD


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Another free standing design. Starting to use more stainless steel in my outdoor sculptures. The perforated metal has been recycled from a macadamia grading plant. This sculpture found a new owner at the Surfers Paradise Market. SOLD 

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Easy Rider

I have had a lot of people at the markets asking me to build a Harley Davidson. Creating a chopper was certainly enjoyable and I was very satisfied with the end result. The majority of parts used are  from motorcycles and the rear wheel is from the transmission in a small tractor. The front forks are made from the shock absorber plungers from a small car. I’ve had this sculpture for 12 months so it needed an upgrade. Finally found a suitable bearing and uni joint to replace the front wheel. I think its a big improvement. Check out the new photo. FOR SALE


The new front wheel on display at the Byron Artisan Market

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Fire Bucket

This is definitely not your usual fire bucket. The base is a drive cog from a Caterpillar tractor that uses rubber tracks instead of tyres. The chain is from a macadamia grading plant and it is reinforced by a sprocket from a motorcycle. It has found a good home in Tintenbar. SOLD




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Galvanised abstract

This sculpture is the result of a side track into some abstract ideas I have been playing with. I enjoy its simple and flowing design. It’s about 80 cm high. The shadow gives it a new perspective. FOR SALE

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Cafe Racer

Inspiration for this sculpture came from the magnificent and adrenaline charged Isle of Man TT motorcycle race. It is probably the most dangerous and hair raising Time Trial held anywhere in the world. This sculpture is about 70 cm long and is made from a bearing from a tractor transmission; a bearing  from an auto transmission; motorcycle timing chain; a mikuni  carburettor, a piston and big end from a trail bike; valve springs; gudgeon pins; ball bearings; brake line; motorcycle gears and part of a magneto.  SOLD

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It was very satisfying building this sculpture. There are lots of different elements in it and I think they work well together. The components are a disc brake, drive sprockets and parts from motorcycle clutch packs. The base is from a Holden differential.  FOR SALE 


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This is a random design where the sprocket makes a break with normality. The perforated sheet metal is from a reconditioned silo used for drying Macadamia nuts. The sprocket is from the rear wheel on a small dirt bike. SOLD

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I enjoy building  Squid. They continually evolve and always have character. This one stands about 90 cms tall and is built from bearings, washers, steel rod, sowing points and separator sieve from a wheat harvester. The stand is a camshaft and the base is from a tractor transmission gear with some flat bar for the kelp. It has several coats of clear automotive 2pac. SOLD


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Close Encounter

I designed and built this sculpture for the 2013 Byron Arts Classic. Its an idea that I had been thinking about for a fair while and this seemed a great opportunity to display it at a great venue. It stands about 1.6 m tall and the sphere is about 1 m in diameter. The scuba diver is made from 6 mm rod, a thermostat, ball bearings, timing chain, springs, brake cyclinder and bleed valves. The bubbles and pipi’s are washers. The camera is a brake pad and tractor transmission gears. The squid and shoal fish are made from pieces of separator sieve from a wheat harvester, fencing wire and small bearings. The seahorse has clutch plates, bearings, rod and timing chain. The sphere is re-bar, a universal joint, bearings and short stub axle. The stand is from a tractor transmission and the base is from a ???. Haha I am still trying to figure out exactly what it is. I will update the site when I get an answer. The really good news is that this sculpture won the Peoples Choice Award at the Arts Classic. Thanks to everyone who voted for my sculpture and thanks to The Balcony Restaurant, Byron Bay, and Southern Cross Credit Union, also in Byron Bay,  for sponsoring this award. This sculpture found a home in Lennox Head.  SOLD




Ok thanks for the heads up. The base is a torque converter from a truck.

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Sydney Rooster

The Sydney Roosters are one of the oldest Rugby League Clubs, formed in 1908, and were originally called Eastern Suburbs. They are the only club to remain undefeated for 2 consecutive seasons – 1936 and 1937. My grandfather played for the club and was in the team that won the 1924 Presidents Cup. This Sydney Rooster has plenty of personality and is made from flat bar, a small chain from a John Deere harvester, ball bearings, two universal joints, two steering rods, the body is the windings from an alternator, the feet and beak are made from threshing pegs from a John Deere Rice Harvester and the tail is part of a tension pulley. SOLD



I was asked to create a smaller version of the Rooster with some of the club colours added to the sculpture.  SOLD


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Steiger Mailbox

It was challenging and very enjoyable to build this piece. The iconic lime green Steiger tractor was the muscle tractor of the 1980’s. They had outstanding lugging power are so  reliable that many of them are still operating today. They are still being built by new owners, Case IH, and the new models are now painted red and black. The commission was for an eight wheel, articulated 1984 Steiger Panther, built to scale, that could be used as a mailbox. It was built with 1.5 mm steel plate, steel rod, motorcycle conrods, truck gudgeon pins, MF 397 exhaust pipe, the grill is actually from a recent model Steiger (a red one), the drawbar hanger is a disc brake caliper housing from a car, and there are numerous gears,bearings, uni-joints, bolts, washers, etc. The headlights are stainless steel. The base of the stand is a drive gear from a Caterpillar rubber tracked tractor. SOLD  On the night of 23rd of January 2013 some low life stole this sculpture. If anyone comes into contact with it, please send me an email so it can be returned to its rightful owner.  

early days – basic frame and mudguards           cab layout – dashboard added later

the pedals are clutch, brake and decelerator


rims, hubs and wheel nuts                                  cab and air intake / filter



tread pattern                                  axles/wheels / mailbox door (grill) and hinges


articulation point                                           starting to look like a tractor


dashboard / pillar instruments                           drawbar / PTO / hydraulic couplings


undercoat for Steiger and its stand              the mail sits in the engine bay


finally start with the iconic lime green                          ready for delivery


1.5 m long / 1.1 m wide / 1 m high                                 and its heavy


ready to use by a satisfied customer in central west of NSW, and yes they do own a Steiger.



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Grass Tree

This sculpture was made for a customer on the Central Coast of NSW. SOLD

It had humble beginnings and then it needed something to give it some character

it ended up taking 30 used and abused motorcycle chains to cover the trunk. I lost count of the number of leaves I made with 6 mm steel rod. It standsabout 2.5 m tall.

and then it needed a couple of coats of  Penetrol to keep the rust away.

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The Barrel

This wallhanging has found a home in Lennox Head. The wave is made from perforated mesh, the dreadlocks are timing chain, the boardies are made from soft tin that came from an old grain silo and the fish are made from a piece of tractor grill. I have incorporated some colour into this sculpture, red on the fish and  several shades of blue and a dash of white on the wave. Its about 1.2 m tall. SOLD

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Optical Nut

This is my take on another impossible structure. The top part will spin in the wind. It stands about 40 cm tall. The base is from an automatic transmission. The top is 6 mm rod with 5 mm perforated sheet metal or in other words, its a piece of separator sieve from a wheat harvester. SOLD

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This sculpture is made from 6 mm rod and an assortment of washers. It is 1.1 m in diameter and the centre is 30 cm wide and 15 cm deep. On the day this photo was taken, it was blowing a gale. The horizontal line is a rope taking some of the pressure off the back wall of my tent to stop it from stretching. This sculpture has found a home in Tokyo.  SOLD

The smaller version is 70 cm in diameter, the centre is 20 cm wide and 10 cm deep. SOLD

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Inner Heat

This is a random design, making use of a big pile of motorcycle drive sprockets that were  on a shelf in my workshop. The photo quality of the light from the candle is fairly ordinary so I will definitely update it. I intend to make plenty of sculptures that incorporate candles or LED lighting for the upcoming twilight markets. SOLD


The LED lighting is an improvement and a lot cleaner.

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The Chef with his new hat

Well, after four attempts at redesigning the hat, I am finally happy with this result. There is a detailed explanation of the Chef, plus photos of the original hat, further into the website. The new hat is made from perforated corrugated iron and tractor big end shims. The Chef is on display at Che Bon Restaurant in Tintenbar where you will also be served  fantastic food and wine.  FOR SALE

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Tucker Time

This little sculpture has lots of character. Its my take on the local Straw Necked Ibis. They are almost graceful when they stalk insects in the shallow water of our creek. A dragonfly is this ones latest victim. The body is made from a motorcycle crankshaft, the legs are steering rods, the beak is from a Janke row crop spring tensioner, the toes are threshing pegs from a John Deere rice harvester and a worn out wire brush is welded onto its head. It has found a new home in Lismore.

Donated to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal

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Chiro Mailbox

I was commissioned to build this mailbox for a chiropractor in Goonellabar. The stand was a length of elevator chain from the Broadwater Sugar Mill. The mailbox is steel plate, a sump pan from a car, part of a grill from a Case IH tractor, chain from a Caterpillar rubber tracked tractor, sieve from a wheat harvester, bearings and mild steel rod. SOLD

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Daleks have entertained Dr Who fans for decades and these tactile pieces have become a favourite at the markets, with children through to grandparents purchasing them. They come in several sizes and have lots of moving parts. They are made from bearings, motorcycle valves and gears,  and assorted lawnmower parts. FOR SALE


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I have built several versions of this garden sculpture. They have great character and I love the way they sway and vibrate in any wind. This sculpture has a disc brake for the base and an auto spring for its body. It also has 8 guage fencing wire, 8 mm rod, bearings and the beak is made from sowing points. They range from one meter to two meters in height. SOLD

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Ibis Octaneus

This sculpture is one of my latest. I found the two legs for this sculpture nearly 6 months ago. Since then I have slowly accumulated the rest of the parts. It is made from valves, valve guides, ball bearings, two motorcycle crankshafts, two drive cogs from a super spreader, two motorcycle driveshafts, steering dampener, re-bar, motorcycle exhaust pipe and a whipper snipper motor. This sculpture is about 120 cm tall. It has lots of character and now it needs a home.

This sculpture drew in big crowds at the markets and it quickly found a great home in Kingscliff. SOLD





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The Incas based their empire in Cuzco, Peru and ruled the largest territory in South American history, with a population of 15 million people. Their religion centered around Inti, the Sun God.  He is the source of warmth and light, and is a protector of the Inca people. The Festival of the Sun is celebrated in South America during the winter solstice on 21st of June. This sculpture is made from a sump pan, timing chain, steering linkage, ball bearings, steel rod, link joiner and a gear from a super spreader. It is designed to be a wall hanging. SOLD

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Rising Sun

This sculpture was a labour of love for one of my boys, Jack, who is currently serving in Afghanistan. He asked for a large Rising Sun. Well its large, heavy and he  needed to eat plenty of weet-bix before he hung it. Its made from two types of sorghum crop lifters, threshing pegs from a Deutz Fahr rice harvester, points from a diamond harrow, knife sections from a John Deere wheat header, timing chain and a disc brake from a motorcycle. Hopefully the wall he hung it on is still standing!! NOT FOR SALE






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Balancing Act and Clutchpack

These two sculptures are made from motorcycle clutch packs. These are just random designs that are great fun to make because there are endless combinations to play with.

Balancing Act SOLD

Clutchpack SOLD

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DNA is a structure called a double helix and is passed from parent to offspring. It contains the specific instructions that makes every living creature unique, some call it the blueprint of life. This sculpture is made from steel rod, the outer casing of bevel bearings, and part of  an auto transmission. SOLD

I updated the base for this sculpture so it can turn 360 degrees.


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Tucker Time

This sculpture is an updated Pelican with an extended body made from two recycled 100 mm  motorcycle big ends. I think extending the body has improved the look and balance of this sculpture. I sold the Pelican at the last Bangalow Market. SOLD

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This wall hanging is 120 cm long and 110 cm high. At the moment I have a new one in the workshop. I am continually changing the shape of this sculpture and they have been popular at the markets. The cardinal fish is found in  most of the coral reefs around the world. SOLD


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Not your usual Jewellery

I am definitely not a jewellery maker although I try to find a use for all the small pieces leftover from either  stripping motorcycles or building sculptures. I’ve been making  these unusual pieces for about four months now. They are made from gudgeon pins, needle bearings, timing chain, drive chain, joining links, bearing retainers, coil springs from clutch packs, and I sell them with leather necklaces with slip knots. A lot of them have moving parts. I usually sell a couple of pieces at each market,  especially the Byron Artisan Market,  and I use them to pay my stallholder fees. FOR SALE

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I love the eyes in this sculpture. They are made from bearings with the centers filled with steel wool. It’s hanging on a wall in the Dragonfly Cafe in Lismore, a great place to have a cuppachino. This photo is early days when I was building it. SOLD

This is the only photo I have of the finished Dragonfly.

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The Barrel

The first in a series of surfing sculptures. It started out with just the middle piece of curved rod signifying the wave. I soon added the other two. The dreadlocks are made from timing chain. The surfboard is part of a sieve from a rice header.  The base is made up of a gear and bearing from a tractor transmission, and part of an auto transmission.

I decided to upgrade it. I filled in the wave with sieve section from a rice header and now its SOLD

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InterOrbital, Globular and Galileo

With these sculptures I managed to find some new life for worn out clutch plates. There are lots of moving parts. The bases are from auto and tractor transmissions.

Globular – right – SOLD  /  Interorbital – left – SOLD

Galileo SOLD

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The Chef

This is one of my favourites and it has plenty of moving parts. The base represents a fire, burning under a foldup BBQ, which shows a Chef’s  ability to cook anywhere,anytime and under any conditions. Above that are a variety of their tools of trade. The brain has a selection of pots and pans, the spark plug encourages ingenuity and creativity. The three hats at the top of the brain signify perfection and his/her ambition to run an award winning restaurant. FOR SALE

For a long time I have been disappointed with the Chefs hat. Diameter too small, too tall and don’t like the wire on the top of the hat. So last week I cut it off the sculpture and designed something new. When its finished I will add a new post.

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This is the third in the surfing series. Re-entry takes its name from the manoeuvre where a boardrider leaves the face of the wave to surf along the crest of a breaking wave and then re-enters to ride the face again.  It takes skill and balance. The surfboard and the wave are made from the grain sieve in a Case IH wheat harvester. His dreadlocks are made from motorcycle timing chain. SOLD

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Optical Trident

This is possibly an Oscar Reutersvard design. It started out as a free standing sculpture and eventually became a wall hanging. The design always seemed to get lost in the constantly changing background at the markets. So….

I filled it in with punch-hole mesh and I started experimenting with a bit of colour.


It’s better although I’m still not satisfied with the base. It started out black, now its red, maybe it needs a bit of both, maybe it doesn’t need a base. The jury is still out. Two months later and the base is in the bin. It looks better. Then a colour change to silver with blue edges and it found a new home. SOLD

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The Face

This sculpture is the second in a surfing series I’ve been working on. Surfing the face of a big wave takes courage, skill, great balance and technique, and a decent slice of luck. This sculpture is made from a sieve section from a rice harvester, steel rod, bearings, and  timing chain for dreadlocks. The base is a gudgeon pin from a Kenworth truck, and a gear from a 400 hp Steiger tractor. SOLD

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The Harpist

This sculpture has always been one of my favorites and for a several years it was on display in our home. Eventually another sculpture took its place and The Harpist  found a good home in the Hunter Valley. SOLD

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Geared Up

This sculpture is made from  motorcycle gearshafts, sprockets and chains, tractor timing gear and the base is a gear from an auto transmission. SOLD

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Solar spiral

This wallhanging is made from a couple of clutch plates and 8 guage fencing wire. SOLD


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New York and Rio

This music stand has two lines from Peter Allen’s “I still call Australia home”  The base is is made from a differential and auto transmission parts. The stem is enclosed by a coil tension spring from a Janke rowcrop planter. This sculpture is now in Toronto, Canada. SOLD

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Ying and Yang

Koi carp made from bearings, soft tin from an old grain storage silo, riddle section from a Massey Ferguson rice header.

Then I was asked to paint them. SOLD

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Crowded Kelp

This is a larger version of my other sculpture, Shoalfish. It stands about 170 cm high. The fish are made from the grill from a Case IH tractor. The kelp is made from 25 mm flat steel. This sculpture was created for another of my boys, Jimmy, who is also serving in 6RAR. It can be used either as a wallhanging or as a free standing sculpture.          NOT FOR SALE

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This sculpture is made from bearings, steel rod and grain sieve from Deutz Fahr rice header. The two straight lines running through the Stingray are press welded reinforcing bars. Too difficult and time consuming to remove so I incorporated them into the sculpture. SOLD

closeup of its eyes.

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Our front gate

Decided the standard street number at our front gate needed an upgrade.

And then it needed some paint.

Now its easy to see.

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This little sculpture stands 30 cm high. SOLD

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Kick Start

This was built using parts from motorbikes ranging in size from a 50 cc Peewee, up to a 400 cc dirt bike. Then there is a mix of parts from two stroke and four stroke motors.  There are plenty of moving parts. Apart from the base, the remainder of the sculpture is made entirely from motorcycle components. FOR SALE




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There are many species of Shoalfish, including herrings, sardines and anchovies. They move around the oceans in large schools or immense  shoals. Overfishing is a major threat with factory ships catching over 30 million tonnes every year with 80% being processed into fish oil or fishmeal and fed to farmed animals. This sculpture is 120 cm high and is a wall hanging. SOLD.

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Linked Gears

This sculpture is made up from a tractor timing gear, a gear from a auto transmission, motorcycle sprockets and chain. SOLD

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My interpretation of one of our wood ducks.  This one is built with  a motorcycle big end, spokes, conrod, ball bearings,  the beak is direct drill sowing points, the legs are a steering column, the feet are sieve section from a wheat header. SOLD

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This small , aggressive, colourful fish is found in the Great Barrier Reef.  Its made from 8 guage fencing wire, steel rod, bearings, and gears from a tractor transmission. It has been a favourite at the markets and I have made several variations of this sculpture, as wall hangings and free standing. SOLD

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Mini Bots

These are made from leftovers from other sculptures. They have been popular at the markets.





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Impossible Cyclinder

Its challenging and a lot of fun making a 2 dimensional sculpture look 3 dimensional. Its made from a sieve section from a Massey Ferguson wheat harvester. Its dimensions are 25 cm high 60 cm wide 2 cm deep. The rear of the sculpture is painted blue so the front changes colour from red to blue and back again as you walk past it. Look closely at the photos. SOLD


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